Our Impact - Planet

Footprint tries to do everything we can to limit our impact on the planet. In our first café in Siem Reap:

We source the vast majority of our supply chain locally. Our Head Chef, Sophal, and his team go to the local market every day to find the freshest, best, local ingredients.

We actively seek suppliers with higher ethical standards or who are also social enterprises, these include: Feel Good Coffee, Eggesellent Eggs, Basco Bakery and Ibis Rice.

We donate our used cooking oil to NagaEarth to be turned into biodiesel. Biodeisel is much cleaner than traditional forms of fuel with 90% less hydrocarbon emissions, 50% less carbon dioxide emissions and no sulphate.

We have a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian options on our menu as well as a vegan BBQ every Tuesday night.

We encourage our customers not to use single use take-out cups by offering a 25% discount on coffees when you bring your own cup.

Our take-away boxes and cups are made from sugarcane not plastic.

We make our own gift bags from recycled newspaper.

We recycle all of our cans and plastic including donating any plastic bags we receive to re-hash trash, a social enterprise helping vulnerable mothers into work and out of the cycle of poverty.

We donate our coffee grounds to individuals who can use them and farming cooperatives for compost.

We do not use single use plastic straws but instead make our own reusable metal straws.

We have provided training and paid for machinery to support a spin out social enterprise to produce our metal straws and help people with disabilities into employment.