Our Impact - People

We want all of our team to value working at Footprint and try to provide an excellent working environment for them. In our first café in Siem Reap this has meant:

Paying as a minimum 12.5% above the recommended national minimum wage as well as additional monthly tips with quick progress to higher wages.

We provide a savings programme for all of our team which encourages responsible saving through a dollar for dollar matched fund saving scheme.

We pay performance based bonuses twice a year to incentivise excellence and to support financial independence.

We provide sick, carers and equal maternity and paternity leave in order to provide a safety net for our team and to encourage shared caregiving for young children.

We provide English lessons for members of the team who wish to learn or improve.

We support our team both financially and through training to participate in competitions that will boost their career.

We invite highly experienced, skilled volunteers to help our team with skills development and training.

Each member of our team has a Personal Development Plan in which they identify short and long term goals. Our management team actively seeks opportunities to help individuals develop skills and gain experience that will help achieve these goals whether within or external to the service industry.