Our Impact

Footprint is creating a global chain of social enterprise cafes dedicated to linking local community empowerment to our thriving global tourist industry. We do this by establishing high quality cafes in parts of the world that have a strong local tourist scene but still have pressing social needs.

Each Footprint café delivers local empowerment through our 3Ps model of People, Planet, Profit.


We believe in looking after our team by providing excellent employment conditions. These include: paying a fair wage; performance based bonuses; matched fund saving scheme; equal maternity and paternity leave: paid sick and carer leave as well as investment in training and skills development within and beyond the service industry. By providing these we give our teams financial independence, a safety net for hard times as well as better and more varied career opportunities.

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We do all that we can to ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ as well as sourcing locally and ethically. By being environmentally sustainable we limit our harm to the local environment and in some instances enhance it. We also offer financial support to businesses and projects focused on environmental sustainability.  And by offering our customers the option of environmentally mindful cafes we hope to encourage larger market change.

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We donate 100% of net profits as grants for local educational or entrepreneurial projects. By creating a model that is focused on generating profits for grants rather than for private gain, we give tourists the chance to use their spending power for positive local impact.  Donating profits also allows funding for local community development projects to be created by and in the community.

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