About Us

We are Footprint Cafes

Footprint Cafes aspires to become the first global chain of social enterprise book cafes linking our prosperous global tourist industry with prosperous local communities.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It accounts for 1 in every 10 jobs on our planet and generates approximately 10% of global GDP. Sadly, thriving local tourist markets do not always mean thriving local communities. For many tourism offers only seasonal, poorly paid work which is vulnerable to shocks such as natural disasters or unrest. It is common for big companies not local people to profit from the industry and often the growing volume of tourists puts a strain on natural resources already under pressure. In short, business as usual is not having the positive impact that it could. We want to change that.

We believe that most tourists want to have a positive impact on the places they visit. We believe that most tourists want a high quality, affordable, authentic dining experience. From these beliefs Footprint Cafes was born.


Footprint Cafes offers an easy, enjoyable, affordable way for tourists to give back to host communities simply by visiting our cafes. Each café is built on our three P’s model of: People, Planet, Profit.


Providing excellent employment conditions for our local teams and investing in their future through training and skills development allowing them to follow their dreams.


Sourcing ethically & locally wherever we can as well as doing all we can to reduce, reuse and recycle.


100% of net profits given as grants back to the local community as educational and entrepreneurial grants decided by a local committee.

We established our first café in Siem Reap, Cambodia in November 2016. Thanks to the generosity of angel investor Dr Darrin Disley, we have start up funding for the first three cafes. As a brand we will grow in towns around the world that have thriving tourist markets but pressing social needs.


Our customers are guaranteed the same high quality, friendly service wherever they are, along with a delicious local menu, safe in the knowledge that their spending power is having a positive impact.


Footprint Cafes is not associated with any faith other than the power of kindness, opportunity and great coffee. We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Journey So Far

Our journey so far

Mar 2016



The Footprint concept is launched in Cambridge, converting a local café, Hot Numbers, into a taste of Cambodia for one night. The evening is introduced by Director of Cambridge Social Ventures, Belinda Bell,  in support of Footprint which has been part of their incubator programme for the last year. Hot Numbers is turned into a taste of Cambodia for the evening with the help of fellow social enterprises on the incubator programme. Turtle Dove Cambridge,  provides Cambodian cuisine and top class service. GAP Learning decorate the cafe and provide goodie bags for guests. Georgina Hemmingway, Footprint Founder, presents the concept to the gathered Cambridge community, the aim of the evening is to raise £5,000 to start a Trust which will be the first step towards a cafe.


Mar 2016

GoFundMe Campaign

GoFundMe Campaign goes live to raise first £5,000 https://www.gofundme.com/FootprintCafes

Apr 2016

Enterprise Champion Dr Darrin Disley OBE pledges $150,000

Angel Investor Dr Darrin Disley

 Dr Darrin M. Disley OBE leapfrogs Footprint’s beginnings with a $150,000 donation to establish a Footprint charity and its first cafe Business Weekly.

Apr 2016

Footprint Becomes a Charity

Footrpint Cafe Trustees

Footprint officially becomes a charity.  Footprint’s board of Trustees from left to right: Michael Carter,  Alan Barrell and Chair of Trustees  Dr Darrin M. Disley OBE

Jun 2016

First Footprint café

Property found in Siem Reap to establish first Footprint café

Jun 2016

Book Drive Launched

Book Drive Launched

Book drive launched in London and Cambridge to gather stock for Footprint’s first cafe in Cambodia

Jun 2016

Books Collected From Cambridge Community


Thousands of books are collected from the Cambridge community including the University libraries, city firms and individual donations.

Jul 2016

Renovations in Siem Reap

Renovations begin in Siem Reap

Renovations begin in Siem Reap

Aug 2016

8,000 Books Sent To Cambodia

Books Collected

8,000 books collected from Cambridge and London are sent to Cambodia

Aug 2016

Footprint Partners with Naga Earth

Footprint pledges to donate its used cooking oil to Naga Earth, an innovative local social enterprise in Siem Reap that converts used cooking oil into soap and biodiesel.


Sep 2016

Footprint Hosts Social Enterprise Fair

Footprint invites local social enterprises to fill its shelves with their products while the cafe waits for its books to arrive. The shelves come to life with products from Human & Hope Association, Coco Khmer, Friends International, Small Art School, Life and Hope Association, Sombai, George’s Rhumerie and Ammo.

Sep 2016

Service Training Begins

Service training begins in Siem Reap

Service training begins in Siem Reap. Footprint’s new team find their feet in Footprint’s Taster Sessions Fortnight. For two weeks the local community is invited to try Footprint’s new dishes, give feedback and pay what they feel the meal is worth. The feedback forms the basis for Footprint’s opening menu.

Sep 2016

Volunteer Building Cambodia Make Footprint Their Home

Volunteer Building Cambodia make Footprint’s new back office space their home. Volunteer Building Cambodia works to improve the living conditions of families in need in rural areas by providing wells, toilets and safe, dry houses.


Oct 2016

Clean Up Temple Town

Team bonding begins as Footprint joins the local community in a day long street clean.


Nov 2016

8,000 Books Arrive

books arrive in Siem Reap

8,000 books arrive in Siem Reap. Volunteers from the local community join the cafe  team for 3 days of book sorting. Thank you all!!

Nov 2016
Dec 2016

Angkor Photo Festival

First café hosts the 12th Angkor Photo Festival welcoming photographers from all over the world

Dec 2016

Footprint Partners With Rehash Trash

Footprint partners with Green Gecko project Rehash Trash, donating all plastic bags from supply chain to the project. Rehash Trash employs family members from the Green Gecko family to turn used plastic bags into beautiful household objects such as bins, coasters, wine holders and mats.

Dec 2016
Dec 2016

Footprint Partners With The Siem Reap Food Co-Op

Footprint partners with the Siem Reap Food Co-Op donating used coffee grounds for their compost.

Jan 2017

Footprint Teams Up With Cleanbodia

Footprint joins Cleanbodia reducing plastic use by using their  new biodegradable bags made from cassava.



Jan 2017

First Book Donation

Book donations to Bridge of Life School

Footprint Siem Reap makes it first book donations to Bridge of Life School

Mar 2017

Kate Gross Award

Footprint Cafes receives the Kate Gross Award

Footprint Cafes receives the Kate Gross Award for Social Enterprise from Cambridge Business Weekly

May 2017

Barista Piseth Reaches Semi-Finals of Barista Competition

Footprint’s Barista Piseth makes it to the semi-finals of the Cambodian National Barista competition

Footprint’s Barista Piseth makes it to the semi-finals of the Cambodian National Barista competition

May 2017

Photo Exhibit: Cambodia Reawakening One Year After The Khmer Rouge

Footprint Cafes teams up with Anjali House to host a photo exhibit in which the students of Anjali House reflect on John Burgesses images of Cambodia in 1980.

May 2017

Financially Sustainable

First financial self sustainable month in Siem Reap

Oct 2017

First Matched Fund Saving Scheme Paid Out

Footprint pays out its first matched fund saving scheme to the team. Footprint matches individual savings dollar for dollar up to the value of $200.

May 2018

Footprint’s First Local Grant Committee


Footprint forms its first grant committee: Manager Pheakdey, Deputy Manager India, Supervisor Mealea and Chef Pechra

Jun 2018

Clean Up Temple Town

The Footprint team join forces with surrounding businesses and organisations to ‘clean up temple town’. The day long clean up clears the streets of rubbish, raises awareness of littering and brings the community together.


Jun 2018

Soulcial Trust Make Footprint Their Home

Soulcial Trust make Footprint’s offices their new home. Soulcial Trust’s mission is to raise awareness about issues and causes related to disability and the environment in Cambodia.

Jun 2018

Footprint Team Up With Eco-Bodia

Footprint’s biodegradable takeaway packaging starts to include biodegradable straws thanks to the wonderful Eco-Bodia.


Jul 2018

Footprint Joins Refill Not Landfill Movement

Footprint joins the Refill Not Landfill Movement. The cafe sells reusable bottles and becomes a water station to refill from.


Aug 2018

First Grants Donated

First Grants Donated

Footprint donates its first grants  to four local organisations: Free to Shine, Caring for Cambodia, Grace House Community Centre and The Ponheary Ly Foundation.

Aug 2018

Renovations Begin On Upstairs Enterprise Centre

Renovations Begin On Upstairs Enterprise Centre

Work begins on turning the cafe’s upstairs space into an enterprise centre. The space hopes to become a valuable resource for Siem Reap’s young entrepreneurial talent.

Aug 2018

Read Club Cambodia

Read Club Cambodia come to the cafe for the first time. Read Club Cambodia aims to encourage reading for pleasure amongst young Siem Reapers by providing a safe space and friends to read with.



Oct 2018

Naga Earth Gifts Footprint Bottomless Soap Dispensers

Local social enterprise, Naga Earth, gifts Footprint bottomless soap dispensers. Naga Earth converts used cooking oil into biodiesel and soap. As a provider of used cooking oil, Footprint is given a free supply of soap for the cafe team and customers to enjoy.


Nov 2018

Footprint’s 2 Year Anniversary And Soft Opening Of The Dr Darrin M. Disley OBE Enterprise Centre

Footprint celebrates its 2 year anniversary and the soft opening of its new upstairs space ‘The Dr Darrin M. Disley OBE Enterprise Centre’ by hosting a party for its team and the local community.  Local social enterprises are invited to host stalls to promote their work. Performers from Phare the Circus and Music Art School provide the entertainment.

Nov 2018

Opening Of Enterprise Centre

Opening of Enterprise Centre

The Dr Darrin M. Disley OBE Enterprise Centre opens for its first day of Co-working 

Nov 2018

First Workshop – Espresso Yourself

Piseth workshop

Piseth Seng, former Footprint member and current Cambodian National Barista Champion, gives Footprint’s first workshop in the new enterprise centre. He is joined by fellow competitors from the National Barista Championships in sharing their motivations and top tips for completing a successful competition.

Nov 2018

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Footprint’s enterprise centre hosts a pop-up barbers as part of Soulcial Trust’s programme to support young Cambodians start their own businesses.

Nov 2018

Networking Happy Hour

Footprint teams up with Collaboration Cambodia to host ‘Networking Happy Hour’. The event helps community organisations and activists in Siem Reap learn about each others projects and work.

Nov 2018

Matched Fund Saving Scheme

Second Matched Fund Saving Scheme paid out to the Footprint team with 100% of the team enrolled in the scheme.

Dec 2018

Read Club Cambodia Welcomed To The Enterprise Centre

Read Club Cambodia’s  members are welcomed to The Dr Darrin M. Disley OBE Enterprise Centre. The young readers read together and share their stories.



Dec 2018

Enterprise Tuesday

Footprint starts its own ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ talks. The idea comes directly from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School’s successful series. The free talks bring together experienced entrepreneurs and members of the business community with aspiring professionals and students. The series aims to provide insights into local businesses journeys, their aspirations and challenges overcome in order to inspire others. The series opens with Grasshopper Adventures a popular international  travel company started with a handful of bikes and a credit card.

Dec 2018

Popular Authors Thavry Thon and Hattha Discuss Their New Publishing Start-Up

Thavry Thon, author of ‘A Proper Woman’, and Hattha Set, a popular Cambodian fiction writer,  launch their new publishing start-up from the Dr Darrin M. Disley OBE Enterprise Centre. The launch includes a  Q&A with young Cambodians about their journey so far and tips for getting published.


Dec 2018

‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll’ Film Screening

Footprint hosts a free screening of ‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll’. The Documentary, by John Pirrozi, traces the impact of the rise of the Khmer Rouge on Cambodia’s thriving rock music scene in the 1970s.

Jan 2019

Enterprise Tuesday With Naga Earth

Footprint hosts its second ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ talk with special guests Naga Earth. Established in 2008, Naga Earth is a Siem Reap based social enterprise that puts environmental responsibility at the heart of everything it does. Originally focused on converting used cooking oil into biodiesel, the team use the evening to highlight their new foaming soap range and Community Soap Program – providing essential cleaning products for rural communities.

Feb 2019

Enterprise Tuesday With Pactics

Footprint hosts its third ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ talk with special guests Pactics – the manufacturing partner for mission-driven lifestyle brands. Pactics built its factory in Siem Reap in order to help diversify the local jobs market. Designed by architect Stuart Cochlin, their factory features 120 solar panels, a biodiesel generator, rainwater harvesting, a library, an on-site nurse, a daycare, a canteen (serving up healthy lunches) and plenty of greenery around the site. A socially responsibly business that wins tenders with top brands such as Gucci and Ray Ban.

Mar 2019

Thailand Chosen For Second Footprint Café

Koh Phangan

The island of Koh Phangan in Thailand is identified as the location for Footprint’s second café with the idea of supporting green initiatives through grants.

Mar 2019

Cambridge Social Ventures Comes to Cambodia

Belinda Bell

Cambridge University’s Belinda Bell, Director of Cambridge Social Ventures, visits Cambodia to lead Footprint’s first workshops on social enterprise. The free two day event is focused towards local Siem Reap organizations hoping to scale their ventures.