Footprint Announces Book Fund for Local Organisations


16 February 2018

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Footprint Cafes has today launched a small fund for local organisations to buy books for educational programmes. The fund builds on Footprint’s commitment to make tourism work for the local community and has been made possible thanks to the successful sale of children’s books during the Christmas period.

All Footprint’s children books have been donated by supporters in London and Cambridge. Footprint’s August book drive collected over 8,000 books from the UK which were shipped to the first café in Siem Reap before opening. Adult fiction is available in the café for customers to browse or buy and most of the children’s books are being donated to local organisations to help with their English programmes, however, some books were too advanced to be useful. The December sale of these raised over $800 which is now available to Siem Reap based organisations providing educational opportunities to the local community to buy any books needed to support their programme.

The deadline for applications is the 15th March. To find out more about the grants please contact

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